Dr. Markus Schmidberger

Head of Data Engineering
Big Data is more than storing all available data. Data management, data analyses, data visualisation and identifying new business values from the data are new challenges which have to be solved on Big Data. Technologies for storing the data are available, but no efficient concepts for interesting Big Data Analyses as prediction models are available for production systems today. In my view centralised IT technologies in the Internet (Cloud) are the future of efficient and economic computing. As already proven in many projects Cloud computing is the best available accelerator for most Big Data projects. Due to my education, my PhD and Post-Doc position I have a wide knowledge in the acquisition and management of research projects, of supervising students and publishing research results. Based on my professional career I have a broad overview and experience on real world scenarios running Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning. It is my daily business to use technologies from the Hadoop ecosystem, R is my favorite programming language and I am switching between structured and un-structured data models daily. My preferred computing environment is Amazon Web Services. In the future I would like to get more user and business oriented and to push industry and research into using the right computing environment for their data analyses and applications.

Scout24 Gruppe

Scout24 operates leading digital marketplaces in Germany and other selected European countries. ImmobilienScout24 and AutoScout24 are the main operations under the Scout24 brand. ImmobilienScout24 is the leading digital real estate classifieds platform in Germany, based on consumer traffic and time spent as well as customer numbers and listings. AutoScout24 is a leading automotive digital classifieds platform in Europe, in terms of unique monthly visitors and listings. With our digital marketplaces we are inspiring people's best decisions. Our purpose is to connect people with cars and homes. More than 1,000 employees in Germany and across Europe work on offering value to our consumers and customers. The Scout24 Group products and services are customized to the needs of today’s consumers. From the AutoScout24 YouTube channel to the ImmobilienScout24 smart phone app, Scout24 is where the users are. The Scout24 business partners also benefit from this arrangement by having their products bundled on the market places and targeted to specific groups with the aid of professional tools and innovative advertising.

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