Case Study: Industrial AI – How to Accelerate Machine Intelligence in Industrial Applications

Much of the progress of Artificial Intelligence over the past years is not only based on significant advances in Machine & Deep Learning, but also grounds on the movement of a new generation of young aspiring new data science talents, which foster the open-source and open innovation revolution. In recent years, AI technologies have knocked down multiple benchmarks in the area of computer vision, speech recognition, and language understanding, and will push its way forward to impact not only the B2C but also the B2B area. However, the success of Deep Learning has prompted also a great deal of discussion around the notion of explainable AI.

In this talk, I will present recent trends and challenges in AI & Deep Learning Research from an industrial business perspective, share some examples on how AI technologies lead to new and more precise insights in our increasingly connected world, and how the newly founded Siemens AI Lab drives industrial AI with an entrepreneurial spirit in an open ecosystem at Siemens.

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